Saturday, 7 January 2012

Studded Pink

Another fabulous blog post, exactly a week from my last post, enjoy! So this week I have had mixed emotions on where I stand in my life. At some point I drifted away from life, into my new obsession of CarlyChritman's YouTube videos and blog. She has not only taught me so much about fashion and how to style & new buying tips when at the mall, Carly has also taught/guided me to find who I am as a person and teach me that I don't need to worry about what others think of me and just be me. If someone doesn't like my height, that's great that they're looking at me, why do they need to? They don't have to live at the height I am at, so why does it should only matter to me. If I want people to think I'm fabulous in what ever I am wearing, then I first have to believe it in me myself. I am slowly trying-discovering who I am and want to be. They say that it's the teenage year where teen's try to discover their identity, well it's true for me & it has been for a loooong time now. When will I find my key to my heart? Its inside of me, but its really is hard, but thats life-it's just the way this world works. Imagine if we lived on Saturn, I know it's not possible but anything is possible right?!

Those pictures above were from a few days ago. I thought the outfit was really cute, it incorporated the trends of infinite scarves, knit winter sweaters, studs (past season), and it had a really cute belt! 

Today is my mothers birthday, so happy birthday mom. Love you 

I have two other obsessions that I would like to share on my blog: Marc Jacobs Q Lil Ukita Satchel-I have always loved anything Marc Jacobs designed. At one point I had my heart set on his Classic Q Satchel but now it's this one. I saw a girl wearing it in the mall, the way it was styled was fabulous and chic but so relaxed. Then I saw her at Costco the next day, and she was wearing is again with a completely different outfit. So now I LOVE it! It looks similar to my old love :)
My second obsession is the Betsy Johnson sunburst Earrings-I fist saw these on Carly Christman and fell in love! They go with everything! 

So there has it, my second post on this blog! I'll probably but up another post next week (14th). 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Beginnings... New Year ♥

Happy New Year! I am some-what ready to tackle 2012. Through my journey of life for 14 years, I have become immune to a day-by-day life in Canada. I wake up, do my mourning routine, eat, exercise, school, relax, homework, etc. But this year. I am inspired by…High School Musical 3, yes the movie! I don’t want to make everyday, just another day. I will live life with no regrets, how I see it is that regrets aren’t so, they are times where you had practice so that in the future you can improve and do it perfectly! 

So here is my blog, where I will be updating whom ever may read my blog on my life and more. I hope this year is the best and will bring great possibilities to all!